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Delaware Coastal Society launches an Delaware Environmental Technology Accelerator for Small Business

The Delaware Costal Society is very excited to officially launch our Delaware Environmental Technology Accelerator - a 2 year program to help nurture, foster and accelerate the small business tech community. The purpose of the Accelerator is to encourage small businesses to operate, hire, and grow in Delaware.

The Delaware Coastal Society has selected small businesses Lucky Rabbit and Flamelit to launch the accelerator. Both companies have agreed to pursue environmental technology operations in Delaware.

Greg Godbout, Director of Delaware Coastal Society; “We are thankful to Lucky Rabbit and Flamelit for participating and helping us grow the environmental tech community here in Delaware. We are particularly excited about their initiatives and potential positive environmental impact.”

Environmental Technologies...

  • Lucky Rabbit is at the forefront of drone technology, monitoring beaches & waterways for trash/debris, and collaborating with local waste management firms to ensure cleaner oceans. Shaun Edens, CEO and Founder of Lucky Rabbit; "We transcend the boundaries of a conventional tech company, with an unwavering dedication to environmental and community causes, we're paving the way for a brighter, more sustainable future."

  • Flamelit is using high resolution images from miniaturized satellites (CubeSats) and data science algorithms to determine air quality on earth... at a fraction of the cost. Tom Roderick, Principle and COO Flamelit; "We are very excited to support Blue and Green Tech initiatives in Delaware and look forward to growing our technology footprint in Sussex County."


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